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Members seek and give valuable advice and feedback between each other.


We help set you up with partners that we use & trust ourselves, to de-risk your growth.

Connect with interesting people

Build relationships and find co-founders, partners, colleagues, investors or others of help to you.


We intend to hold pitch days where Pinecone & other members could invest in your project.

Who are we?

Serial Entrepreneurs

Pinecone Founders' Club was started by Pinecone's founder, Alvin Dammann Leer and fellow entrepreneur Natasha Abbas. We have built several brands together, including Packoorang, Emma Safe and Pitch40. We know what it takes to build and scale projects internationally.

The "Builder"

Alvin consulted Fortune 500 companies on sustainability and brand strategy before he started his entrepreneurial journey – which has resulted in 11 startups and scaleups to date. Aside from building companies, he also invests, coaches, and sits in startups' boards. Alvin studied journalism and social entrepreneurship in London and Boston where he combined lived for more than a decade. Alvin's greatest passion is to build things – directly or indirectly.

The "Networker"

With a background from the recruiting business, Natasha has crafted her skills as head of sales in several companies. In 2022, Norway's largest financial newspaper Dagens Næringsliv, nominated her to DN Ledestjerne (Guiding Star). Natasha's greatest passion is to network, and she's arguably the best in the business at exacctly that.

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Seeking startup funding?

Do yo have a solid Norwegian startup looking for funding? We encourage you to apply to Pitch40, a better alternative to crowd funding.


Building and app or website?

We've wasted millions on the wrong agencies. Buy smarter – use the top companies we've ended up with after hundreds of tries.

"What started out as a consultancy ended up as a long-term partnership. Alvin and I have since co-founded several other businesses. I can't recommend Alvin and Pinecone enough–from the expertise to the creativity and network. Startups accessing this incubator should consider themselves lucky!"

Natashas Abbas

Founder, Packoorang