Alvin Dammann Leer




Graz, Austria

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Dammann is a Norwegian high-end luxury brand that builds its entire clothing production on a deeply circular, environmentally certified, and traceable process. They use groundbreaking textile technology to give new life to cut-offs from the fashion industry. All garments come with a lifetime guarantee, free repair, and paid return for repair and resale. The luxury fashion scene needs a strong and influential actor who promotes a radical incentive to change the fashion industry for the better of the planet. More and more fashion houses and clothing brands are emphasizing sustainability, responsibility, and giving customers insight into production processes. Many use materials that are between 10-25% recycled, and then spend large sums on marketing themselves as green. Dammann goes much further and much deeper. The materials are 100% recycled or plant-based (e.g. Ecotec yarn from Marchi & Fildi), and everything is produced in Europe. In addition to this, Dammann donates 50% of its income to the Pinecone Foundation, a charitable organization that supports startups and established projects that demonstrably lead to significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, pollution, or environmental destruction. Like most luxury brands, Dammann also has a high focus on quality and durability, craftsmanship, and timeless design.